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38 rue Etienne marcel
75002 Paris


About us

About us page of the website of the production company Great Pictures productions.

Founded early 2013, GREAT PICTURES is a production house specialized in creating and producing videos and photographies, digital content, formed by two professionals of the film industry, based in Paris, France.

The major goal is to give birth to honest, timeless and original projects. 

GREAT PICTURES PRODUCTIONS specialized in scripted as well as unscripted such as short films, music videos, behind the scenes, digital content, prints...

Céline Gaudry


Céline Gaudry grows up in Paris, France. But, it’s been a while that she's been travelling all around the world. She grows a eye and gets passionate for photography and cinema. Films addict and filmmaker herself, she loves to write, direct and produce great pictures.

She graduates with two bachelors, in film production from ESEC film school Paris and, in literature from University la Sorbonne Paris IV. Also, she's got a master in literature and cinema from University la   Sorbonne   Paris   IV. Finally,   she   transfers as   an international exchange student, in the film Program of California State University of Northridge.

She's been working for several production companies in Paris, New-York and Los Angeles as an assistant director and production assistant.

Celine's been writing, directing and producing photographies, documentaries and short films that have been selected in numerous Festivals.

May 2013,   Céline starts up a   production   company,   GREAT PICTURES PRODUCTIONS, with the idea of a new way to make movies, with her friend, Marie Prezioso. 

Céline's been a professional assistant director on sets as well as a photographer and, keep writing, directing and producing ever since. 



Adnan Farzat photographer reporter

Céline Gaudry producer writer director photographer assistant director


Lucas Bravo comedian model vidéaste director editor