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38 rue Etienne marcel
75002 Paris


TENDANCES: Web series directed by Celine Decoox

H8 COLLECTION - Teaser Closing - Le Vieux Castillon: Teaser of closing before renovation of the hotel Le Vieux Castillon belongs to H8 Collection group

H8 COLLECTION - Teaser Opening - Le Vieux Castillon: Teaser of opening after renovation for the hotel Le Vieux Castillon belonging of H8 Collection group

BAGS SANDRINE DAL ZOTTO: Teasers to launch the brand

TIPTOE: Teaser, behind the scene and prints for events and advertisement campaigns of the brand of digital modern furnitures

BEYOND THE DOORS: Photographies & Videos of events, RITUELS and MAD MARKETS for the collective and label BEYOND THE DOORS

APOCALYPSE: Behind the scene for the photo shoot "APOCALYPSE" of the photographer Eve Campestrini

HEALTHY BRUNCH BY EAT THE GROUND: Photographies & Video of the 1st brunch launch by the culinary blogger healthy and lifestyle Eat the Ground, Jennifer Todrani

BAM KARAOKE BOX: Vidéo of the opening night of the venue BAM KARAOKE BOX PARIS

EXPRESS YOURSELF: Music Video directed by Lucas Bravo

12H/JOUR - CREATIVE AGENCY : Team Photography & Videos

SUZETTE ACCESSORIES : Photographies digital campaign