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38 rue Etienne marcel
75002 Paris


TUNNELS: Music video directed by Marie Pangaud - Director of Photography : Gaspard Renault

Song : « Tunnels » - Band : OLYMPICS

NOM D'UN FROMAGE: Documentary written and directed by Gaspard Renault

"1st opus of a documentary series on great events all around the globe. An hymn of gathering and joy."

GRAND-MERES: Short film written by Virginie and Xavier Elie – Directed by Xavier Elie – Director of Photography : Arnaud Gabriel

"Singular acquaintance between an old lady and a double bass player. A musical Haîky without safeguard."

THIS NEW GENERATION: Short film written and directed by Tom Leeb - Co-produced with TO THE MOON

" A beautiful metaphor on seduction 2.0"

A L'APPROCHE: Court-métrage écrit et réalisé par Laurine Bauby

"Two people meet on the platform of a train station"

FLYING TRAPEZE: Documentary written and directed by Céline Gaudry

"Everyone tries flying trapeze with different reasons and purposes. This documentary follows several people as they talk about the meaning of trapeze art in their lives."

PINK SLIP: Short film written and directed by Céline Gaudry

"Mark is a middle age man who works as a commercial in an insurance company. His world changes as he gets fired."

JUSQU'AU BOUT: Short film written and directed by Céline Gaudry

"A beautiful young woman struggles with her pulsions of violence during a week end in the country side of France."

NONG DAO (Rose Child): Short film written and directed by Tara Lucia Prades

"A young rose selling girl forms a beautiful friendship with a prostitute who helps her in her journey to find her mother amongst the chaos of Bangkok’s red light district where taboo, sex, alcohol and drugs are the norm. "

SECURITY 321Short film written by Brian Rushing directed by David Romo

"Roger, your friendly strip mall security guard, takes on ridiculous missions to keep the peace and make the strip mall a better place."

JEUX DE GRANDS: Short film written and directed by Céline Gaudry

"Flo and Léo meet and fight"

LES CONQUÉRANTS: Documentary teaser exploring lack of schooling and solutions offered by the school of second chance of Val de Marne, France